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rHuIFN α-2b






Human Interferon α-2b

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Recombinant Human Interferon alpha 2b,rHuIFN α-2b Bulk

Standard Chinese state pharmacopoeia, or other country pharmacopoeia.

Description A sterile and no-virus interferon concentrated liquid by a low cost and a low price. Can be formulated to Injection or water injection.

Technical adventage We owns a purification technology. We can design chromatographic column independently.So,we can obtain a large number of high-purity, low-endotoxin interferon concentrated liquid. We do not manufacture interferon products.

Appearance Coloriess,clear and transparent solution    

Activity (In vitro) 1.8X10^8IU/mg

Molecular Weight (SDS-PAGE)(KD) 19.2?/font>1.92 KD

Purity  98% (SDS-PAGE)     99%(HPLC)    (95% is also available)

Ultraviolet Spectrum(Peak) 275-281nm

Isoelectric Focusing(main band) 4.0-6.7

E.Coli DNA Residue(ng/dose) <0.1ng/20M IU

Residual Antibiotics Test Negative Pass
Host Protein Residue(of total protein) less than 0.01%

Bacterial Endotoxins (LAL Test) <0.5 EU/5M IU

Mouse IgG residues  None

Identification Test (Western Blot) Positive
Peptide Mapping  In conformity with standard
N-terninal Sequence Coincide with the published sequence  Pass
Abnormal Toxicity(mice) Pass

Remark All specifications can be better at client's request

1 Recombinant Human Interferon alpha 2a (Reagent)

2 Recombinant Human Interferon alpha 2b (Reagent)


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