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Recombinant Human PDGF-BB (Reagent)

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Recombinant human platelet-derived growth factor BB Homodimer PDGF

Our PDGF-BB is prepared from yeast (pichia) culture medium and has been extensively purified and characterized.Our PDGF-BB is receptor grade quality with a purity greater than 97% by SDS/PAGE and N-terminal sequence analysis.PDGF-BB is glycosylated.It is available in large batch size to meet evolving customer requirement.Our PDGF-BB is purified by preparative Bio-red purification system,sterile filtered prior to lyophilization and tested for both purity and biological activity in a relevent system.

PDGF-BB is a useful cell culture supplement at levels ranging from 0.2 to 10.0ng/ml.PDGF-BB has been found to enhance the effects of serum and is an important component in the formulation of chemically defined,serum-free or low protein cell culture media.PDGF-BB may also be used as a reagent for receptor binding assays,as a standard for characterization of the molecule itself,and as an immunogen for generating highly specific antibodies.It can also be used to study chemotaxis,wound healing,and bone repair.The biological activity is approximately 1X106U/mg.

Reagent specifications:
Protein Purity >97% based on SDS/PAGE
Biological Assay Equivalent to native PDGF in stimulating the proliferation Balb-c 3T3 cells. ED50=2ng/ml

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