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Protein Expression and Purification

Manufacturer,provider and supplier of
Protein Expression and Purification

Starting from $1800,3-4 Weeks
We are a China leader in protein exprission and purification service.
We are a complete solution for your needs,and help you to overcome your cloning and expression bottleneck.We offer two of protein expression systems include bacteria and yeast from small to large scale with a full-range of purification options.Our services include:generating expression construct,establishing stable cell line,generating recombinant small-scale expression and purification,large scale expression and purification.

1. Fermentation service
    Culture growth of bacteria and yeast from 1-30 liter.
2. Generating expression construct
    Optimize and synthesize the gene that you desired.
    Subclone your gene into an expression vector.
3. Establishing high-expression stable cell line
    Yeast (pichia) high-expression cell line.
    BL-21 cell high-exprission cell line.
4. Small-scale expression and purification
    Optimization the expression condition.
    Express and purify the protein in small-scale.
5. Large-scale expression and purification
    Grow the culture in large scale.
    Express and purify the protein in large-scale.
6. Purification options
    Protein purification by affinity column.
    Protein purification by other columns including gel filtration,ion excharge,hydrophobic column.

Quotation and Order:
Please e-mail your detailed project information to us,and we will send you competitive
quotation shortly.
For quotation request,please include the detailed project information,for example:
1. Name of the gene or protein.
2. The sequence of the gene or protein.
3. Do you have the gene?If so ,which vector is it in ?
4. Can an affinity tag be added to your protein?
5. Which expression system do you want to use?
6. How many liters of cultures do you need?
7. How stable is your protein?
8. Are there special buffer or other requirements for your protein?









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