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Hunan Weih-Lugu Biotech Co., Ltd ( Wh-lugu for short) is a company for high and new biological medicine technology. It was invested by Harvest Main International Ltd.(Hong Kong) and established jointly by a few doctors of medical science or biology who have studied in the US. Located in the high and new technology district in Changsha, Wh-lugu owns many ultra clean workshops and laboratories covering roughly an area of 500 square meters for producing clinical dagnositic reagens and exploiting the genetic project Chinese medicine . We've already been outfitted with various kinds of biological apparatuses and equipments from home and abroad.

All of the leading technicians and managers are doctors having studied in the U.S.,they are well versed and have rich experience in scientific research. They could keep up with the latest development of biological medicine in the world and completely understand the Chinese medicine progress and the orientation of the market of that. Therefore, they can develop the technology and products on time in this field. Wh-lugu regards technology as the foundation, technique for the background, and market as the guide, having complete technique administration system. The following is the committee of science and technology constituted mainly by the personnel studied abroad:

Science and Technology Committee
Chairman of committee: Dr. Li Shiwu ( American)
Vice-chairman of committee: Dr. Shi Changping (American)
Members of committee: Dr. Zhu Ning (American)
                                     Dr. Pang Long (American)
                                     Dr. Li Xiaohong (American)
                                     Dr. Liu Anjiang (American)
                                     Dr. Li Qun (American)
Secretary: Associate Prof. Wen Jianxin (Researcher,China)

Wh-lugu has the ability to conduct immunity analysis, gene clone, protein expression and separator purify etc. related to the biological technology. It's also able to conduct independently various immunity analyses kits and to develop and produce genetic project medicine; in the filed of clinical diagnosis kits,it is engaged in the development of the Toch series of enzyme immunity
analysis kits. It is expected that such kind of products could be put on market for selling this August. The experts also are trying to enable the company with the ability of producing 500,000 kits of various kinds every year; besides,they're also working on gene clone and protein expression; based on the genetic project technology, Wh-lugu will clone and express new type of protein with the potential of being reagents used for the development of new kinds diagnosis kits. The experts have already cloned about ten protein gene with the hope that they may develop into new-type reagents.

Wh-lugu will regard the molecule biological and the protein seperatory technology as the fundation. Through reorganizing gene, it's possible to set up every kind of market-favorable protein expression systems, expressing various proteins with medical value or with the possibility of being used in biological reagents and clinical diagnosis; besides,Wh-lugu will further perfect the complete technical system of the development and production of protein related to gene clone,protein expression,separatory purify and analysis and appraisal. Making use of reorganization technology to set up a certain inside expression system. Based on the current gene therapy, they should develop new gene lead-in system, and set up and develop a complete set of system for the development of genetic medicine and means of treatment. In order to provide certain technical conditions for the research and development of new biological medicine, we'll make use of the separatory technology to set up a complete research and development technological system for the separating process of protein or other biological active materals of relavant from technical exploration to the finalizing of the design,to establish certain biological researching methods,and to develop new technology and ways for the appraisal of new-born products and new biology functions. Under present technology circumstances for the appraisal of biological separatory analysis, they'll set up domestic and international market system for the clinical diagnosis reagents and reagents for biological research. With the development of related technology and products as a prerequisite, theyll set up market system with technique as the core. At the same time, under the same market condition, they'll focus on the development of clinical diagnosis technology with other analysis reagents as supplements. In the process of enhancing the quality and increasing the variety of products, they'll develop new technologies with great market potential and popularize those valid ones. All in all, Weisheng will soon or later play a role in the international market, developing into a large-scale internal biological medicine enterprise with the ability of integrating research, manufacture, and selling as a whole.


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